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12.7 oz Roland Pine Lumiere Two-Wick Soy Candle

12.7 oz Roland Pine Lumiere Two-Wick Soy Candle

Double-wick candle in decorative, festive, mercury-like glass. Candle light shimmers through for holiday happiness, and the mirror-like feel of the boxes gives a shelf appeal that will rock your world! Each box is embossed locally on a vintage press with our traditional Roland pinecones.  

Luxuriate in the breezily bold fragrance of Siberian Fir, Pine & Cilantro for up to 38 hours, allowing its bold, piney scent to transport you to a faraway place. Named after Harriman State Park's Ronald Harriman, this NY-inspired candle is also women-made in NY and comes in a gorgeous mercury glass–like holder, bringing a kiss of elegance to any room.

100% Soy Candle

Notes: Siberian Fir, Pine & Cilantro