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Fall 2018 Lookbook: Jasmine Punzalan of Kodomo in and around Beacon Hill



Our Fall 2018 collection is not subdued. It has something to say. A point of view. Think leopard prints, destroyed detailing, statement knits, and pants in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics (cropped, wide leg, plaid, cargo, corduroy, high-waist, and a number of combinations of the aforementioned).

When we considered who to ask to model our lookbook this season, Jasmine Punzalan immediately came to mind. Not only is she beautiful with a unique and distinct sense of style, she is bold, sharp, and fearless. In 2016 she opened Kodomo, a boutique for children with a clear mission: bring the most playful and adorable clothing, accessories and toys made by only ethical designers from around the world to Boston. She fulfilled her mission to its utmost and then some. Now, only a little over two years later, she has not one, but three stores in the Boston area, including a picturesque storefront on Beacon Hill’s quaint River Street just a stone’s throw away from Dress.

Jasmine’s story wouldn’t be complete without including the fact that she opened Kodomo during a time of great adversity in her personal life. While in the midst of constructing her first store, just one week after she turned 40, she learned the earth-shattering news that she had stage 3 breast cancer. Rather than retreat and put her plans for Kodomo on hold, she did the exact opposite. She leaned in and worked ferociously to make her opening a huge success. She faced all of it with a brave face and zen attitude. (Did we mention she is a dedicated yogi and even completed her Iyengar teacher training while enduring regular chemotherapy treatment and the subsequent surgeries that followed?) Needless to say, Jasmine is a great representation of our Fall collection: she is definitely not subdued. She has a lot to say. A strong point of view. 


The styles in the following looks are part of our Fall 2018 collection, available now in store. Shop the looks online by clicking on the links under each of the photos. Please email us at with questions or requests.


Model: Jasmine Punzalan of Kodomo

Photographer: Lauren O'Neil



Look 1


Vanessa Bruno | Card Wallet | LEOPARD


Look 2



Look 3


Look 4

Hortense | Peace Necklace 


Look 5

Vanessa Bruno | Jaira Pullover | ECRU

Look 6 


Look 7



Look 8



Look 9


Hortense | New Hoop Earrings | GOLD


Look 10

SEA | Long-Sleeve Keely Tunic Dress | BLACK/WHITE


Look 11


The Great | College Sweatshirt | MARIGOLD 


Look 12


Look 13

Ulla Johnson | Lyna Dress | INDIGO

Ulla Johnson | Lyna Dress | INDIGO

Ulla Johnson | Lyna Dress | INDIGO


Look 14


Nili Lotan | Navia Cardigan | ARMY GREEN MELANGE


Look 15


Look 16

Frame | Slip Velvet Dress | EDEN

Frame | Slip Velvet Dress | EDEN


Look 17



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