Designer Nicole Banning was walking the cobbled streets of Paris and longing for the beaches of her hometown of Sydney when she first dreamt up the idea for Ephemera: a minimalist swimwear brand with a focus on great fit and quality material. It was mid-2012 and Banning was working as a designer at Yves Saint Laurent. During her two years at the iconic fashion house, she not only refined her skills, but – perhaps more importantly – gained a new appreciation for Australia, and spotted a gaping hole in the swimwear market for minimalistic design. Later that year, she quit her job and relocated back to Australia and launched Ephemera, named after the Greek word meaning ‘things that are enjoyed for only a short time,’ much like the fleeting summer holidays in Byron Bay of her youth. Right from the start, Banning set out to “strip back swim”, and offer timeless, original pieces.