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ANNA by RabLabs

Anna Rabinowicz is a product designer by training. She holds Master’s Degrees in Design and Engineering from Stanford University – a program in which she now teaches. Her passion in life is design. Her most intoxicating moments are sitting in her studio with her favorite black ink pen in hand, sheets of paper in front of her, dreaming of new ideas.

Anna has always been interested in the intersection of science and art, and began her career designing prosthetic knees and devices for cardiac bypass surgery. Her love of biology and nature segued into her creation of our company, with its focus on natural materials and biological inspiration. Anna has taught product design at the university level for the past fifteen years, including ten years at Parsons The New School for Design in New York. As a professor, she conducts research into biologically-inspired design. This research flows from her academic work into her studio work; each of our designs is imbued with this deep research and history.